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Sunday Night

Posted by Bola Egunjobi on November 19, 2007

Its almost 1am on Monday morning.

I’ve spent most of Sunday working on Chellgrove’s accounts for the 3 months from September to November. I need to gather some important statistics on monthly costs but before I can do so I need to bring the records up-to-date. Very wisely, I stopped work at about 9pm and had some dinner. I watched some TV after dinner but could not resist writing a blog post for Chellgrove while watching the Spiderman movie on Channel 5.

I had intended to go to bed ontime tonight – no later than midnight – but formatting and tidying up on the Chellgrove blogpost took some time. And then I could not resist writing this quick entry for my own personal blog!

Last week and the weekend did not go very well. I now look on the time that I have spent blogging as a distraction from important work I need to do in other areas of Chellgrove’s business and my personal life. The blogging may yet produce positive results, but the other important things still remain undone!

It’s now 1am. I have spent 10 minutes writing this personal blogpost. I’m off to bed now so that I can have a productive Monday.


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