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Happy 40th Birthday, Tunde

Posted by Bola Egunjobi on November 22, 2007

My brother Tunde turned 40 yesterday. That’s quite a landmark age. Thankfully, Tunde’s got all the major wheels in his life rolling along nicely in the right direction – at least as far as I can tell.

Thinking of Tunde always reminds me of when I studied a wonderful programme called the Sedona Method several years ago.

The method includes the mention of a continuum from absolute negative emotions to absolute positivity; Amongst the positive emotions, it considers PEACE to be the most positive state, preceded by ACCEPTANCE, which is in-turn preceded by COURAGE. I remember thinking at the time that I knew only one person in my life who was close to achieving PEACE – a devout christian friend who always wore a warm smile on her face and had the most pleasant things to say to everyone she encountered.

My brother Tunde, it occurred to me, is a man who has complete ACCEPTANCE and is transcending into PEACE. I considered that I, for my part, have a profound level of COURAGE and I felt a clear desire to attain ACCEPTANCE on the way to becoming PEACEFUL.

Okay, so this photo of Tunde
was taken 6 years ago!

It has been several years since I studied the Sedona Method, although I still have it on my bookshelf. Now Tunde has turned 40 and is still the most ACCEPTING person I know, and growing more PEACEFUL & calm. And me? My experiences over the years, especially in very recent times, have proven (to me) that I am a very COURAGIOUS being. I am now in ACCEPTANCE in many more areas of my life than ever, but I still struggle. And I am still focussed on PEACE.

But enough about me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TUNDE. Keep some cake back for us, and put the champagne on ice. We’re coming to disturb your peace just a little bit this weekend.


6 Responses to “Happy 40th Birthday, Tunde”

  1. doyin said

    Have a very happy 40th Year . I wish you many many more happy years .

  2. owoeye nike (amama) said

    I do agree with what you said about his being accepting and gravitating towards peace,i wish i am like him,he is ever peaceful.
    I wish him all the love and peace in this world that i wish myself.You should have used a recent picture so that i will know if he is finally looking his age.

    This is for you too Brother Bola.

  3. Tito Lee said

    That was a wonderful piece I had read in years.Since its all about ACCEPTANCE,PEACE and COURAGE and I am the President of The Peace Club of Nigeria, I want to welcome you onboard.
    Happy birthday to Tunde my dearest brother.

  4. Tito Lee said

    check us at

  5. Bunmi pitan said

    very peace loving and dream enhancer individual, i really love you. you will live Long in plenty dear bother.

  6. Tunde Egunjobi-King said

    Hey Bola,

    A random search on the net brought my attention to this Blog Spot today.

    Some very touching comments to which I feel truly honored. Peace and Acceptance? Close but not quite there. One can only strive to do better.

    Thanks to friedns and family for the comments. I love and appreciate you all.

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