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Michael Jackson: Final Rehearsal Footage

Posted by Bola Egunjobi on July 3, 2009

Click here ( to see a brief excerpt from the video recording of Michael Jackson’s final rehearsals for the London O2 concert. The excerpt was released by AEG and is available today on the Billboard website.

Michael Jackson - Final Rehearsal

Michael Jackson - Final Rehearsal

AEG’s Randy Phillips calls the video “some of the most compelling footage in the 21st century, because you’re talking about a star whose light shined brighter than any thing else in the universe when it comes to music.”

The entire footage includes the Tuesday and Wednesday night rehearsals just before Michael died. “On Tuesday night he performed and gave me goose bumps”, Randy Phillips has said. “It made me realise, jaded entertainment executive that I am, why I do this in the first place. I was asked if I would do this again and the answer is ‘Hell yes.’ How many times in one’s career are you able to touch greatness?”

The souvenir tickets some fans opt for in lieu of a refund were designed by Michael himself and are printed with a lenticular process that gives them a 3-D look.


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