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Extraverts Have More Fun!

Posted by Bola Egunjobi on February 21, 2011

Extravert persons experience and display more positive emotions, such as enthusiasm, interest, excitement and joy. Extraversion is also closely related to the number of close friends a person has and how likely he or she is to be selected for leadership roles.

Etraverts generally tend to be happier than their more introvertd peers. It is self-perpetuating: extraverts are gregarious and enthusiastic; these characteristics are attractive to others and create more opportunities for pleasure through greater contact with other people and with the surrounding world. Enthusiasm leads to a more fervent engagement with ideas and to an impassioned pursuit of interests.

In addition to experiencing more positive moods than introverts, extraverts also feel a greater intensity in such moods. Extraverts feel and perform better in stressful and challenging circumstances. And always, they are more likely to act, to move, to engage. “They lope, not amble, they fizz”.

– Taken from Kay Redfield Jamison’s “Exuberance – The Passion for Life”.


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