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Hello. My name is Bola Egunjobi, and this is my WordPress Blog.

Bola in a Brown Leather Chair I expect that this Blog will be an organised but random collection of my thoughts, actions and sightings both online and in the real world. I am starting with no pre-conceptions, just an open mind and a willingness to share. A structure may emerge with time, or maybe things will get more random.

We’ll see.

That’s a photo of me on the left, sitting on one of my favourite office chairs from Chellgrove. It is a brown HM-LAURA high back office swivel chair, made by Harmonius srl of Italy, and fully upholstered front and rear in very soft brown leather.

Yes, one of the perks of running Chellgrove is that I have changed office chairs more often over the last 3 years than many other people will change in a lifetime.


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